A free web app in development for asynchronous multiplayer campaign play for Imperial Assault
by Jon Deutsch

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Current status v.1.5 - Heart of the Empire

The app is now feature complete! There are still some bugs to fix and probably some QoL features missing, but all campaign functions are implemented.

This app is meant for asynchronous play. Single missions could take days or even weeks. Whole campaigns even longer. Be prepared for some waiting time when joining a game and check in regularly if you can. (once every day or two is advised)

Notice: The app is in a beta release state. Things might go wrong or be lost at any time, but is highly unlikely.

You may register an account bound to your email address and log in. In the lobby you can create new games or join existing games.

Please direct any questions or bugs to me at rhellik@portable-wartable.com .


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